Founding Team

Unfortunately, due to the ever changing regulatory landscape of the cryptocurrency space in every jurisdiction worldwide our Founding Team, core developers, management, marketing, technology teams would like to keep themselves private (at this moment) due to privacy concerns or to protect themselves. However, our policy can change in the near future.

Product Team


VC & Tech Entrepreneur with the Craziest Ideas.

Idea, Strategy, Design Innovation & Product.

Financial Team


Ichika Only Likes Bitcoins & Dollars.

Financial Planning, Development and Budgeting.

Marketing Team


She Can literally Sell Refrigerator to Inuits.

Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media Strategy and Promotions.

Technology Team


He Can Turn Futuristic Ideas Into a Reality. 

Execution, Development, Implementation, Software, Coding, Programming, Content Delivery Network, Servers and Security.

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