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Sorry No CEO:  Truly Decentralized Organization where Nobody is in Charge.

Truly Decentralized Cryptocurrency & Platform

The future business world will be decentralized.

Bitcoin Dollar Platform is the technology that allows the creation of completely anonymous egalitarian Cryptocurrencies. A number of our community members have been focused on research and development for more than a decade. We aim to promote the derived principles to influence the contemporary economic paradigm. The current power distribution on our planet is the legacy of the world where the economy is controlled by the few. The status quo was shaped throughout centuries, making human beings engage in rat races, detrimental rivalry, and bloodshed. In spite of humanity's hope to overcome local crises through education and internationalization, we still fail to have full control over our lives.

However, state-of-the-art advancements in technology, mathematics, and cryptography may become the key to subvert this paradigm. The advent of Cryptocurrencies is the first sign that the new world is coming. It is marked with a hope that the economy will interlace with the technology, that communities will set new transparent principles, and impartial cryptographic algorithms will control its implementation. It is in our philosophy to encourage enlightenment through breakthrough innovations. Emancipation begins with laymen getting access to financial resources that will give the oppressed the hope for quality education, drinking water, and a better life. Bitcoin Dollar Blockchain is not about creating yet another digital currency. It is the mindset and concepts that represent the first small step to regain the power over ourselves in order to live peacefully and prosper.

Bitcoin Dollar ecosystem is a decentralized collaborative global marketplace, which is entirely based on sharing and circular economy, where individuals can interact on a peer-to-peer basis coordinated by immutable smart contracts. Traditional sharing economies have been built around big tech companies, which impose ever-changing rules to their users, while monetizing their personal information without the users' consent and without sharing any financial gains with them. The goal of Bitcoin Dollar is to allow open access platforms to be utilized in everyday life, where individuals around the globe can exchange information, data, value, products and services with full control and transparency enforced by the marketplace algorithms. Bitcoin Dollar Blockchain’s goal is to enable decentralized sharing and circular economies to flourish in order to empower its citizens, protect the value and privacy of individuals.

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